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Continuity Programs

ADC Marketing specialises in offering continuity services within the UK and is accredited by many of the leading banks to provide automated credit card billing programs. We can handle any collectible, product, book or dynamic paper based continuity with flexible, robust processing options. These include:

Product Release Options and Criteria

Management of the program is effected through Continuity Control Plans. Continuity Control Plans are logical structures that control releases (weeks between shipment), credit limits, product SKU's, sequence of products and many other logistical parameters for a specific Campaign, Promotion or Source. Source Codes are aggregated or into Continuity Control Plans or separated into distinct Continuity Control Plans in which all logic that determines releases are controlled. Additionally the Continuity Control Plan contains information regarding automatic credit card billing status, customised release weeks, sources and complete account history.

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Automatic Credit Card Billing

Customers can opt to receive shipments automatically charged to their credit cards. This option will remain in effect until the customer chooses to cancel or to be placed back on an open A/R status. At any point a customer can change from open status to Auto Credit card. Any charge card available can be used. All invoices accompanying shipments show a zero balance.

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Billing Effort Pulses

Billing pulses are available from 1 to 10 efforts for each Continuity Control Plan. Since Continuity Control Plans contain specific sources, testing of a specific invoice series and number of weeks between efforts can be integrated directly into the system. Tables of system messages and special forms can be programmed into the print routines for a high level of customization.

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Multiple levels of direct system cancellations can exist for any continuity program. Cancellation parameters include; Cancel on first return, Total number of returns (not consecutive) to cancel and number of returns in a row to cancel.

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Credit Limits

Credit Limits can be applied to each product within the Continuity Control Plan. Since Continuity Control Plans contain the products, product counts and release weeks, different credit limits can be applied as the customer's number of products received changes. Example: a 25.00 credit limit can be applied to the first products the customer receives, 75.00 for all additional products received.

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Database Extract Capabilities

Data can be extracted in any record format required by the client, provided that information is resident in the database. All historical data by product, source, offer, returns, current status, remains indefinitely. Transfer of data can be made by hard copy, interactive spreadsheet, on-line via secure link, electronic transmission or disk format.

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Postage and Handling Applied

Postage and Handling costs can be applied on each order in the sequence driven by specific logic in the Continuity Control Plan. Other methods can also be programmed to provide specific costs by quantity, price and promotion.

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Premiums can be offered with any level of shipment either prior to payment or upon payment.

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Straight Line Logic Release

One form of product release supported is where each Continuity Control Plan contains pre-formatted products, credit limits and release cycles. Customers move through a logical progression of shipments indefinitely.

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Monthly Title Selection

Monthly Title Selection allows the customer to receive a current selection and up to 7 alternate selections by wheel. A straight-line logic release can be converted to a monthly title selection at any time. Built to maximize effectiveness of inventory control in product releases, the monthly title selection provides and excellent level of control and flexibility.

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Release Weeks

Release weeks are indicators that will release products to customers based on the time between shipments. These are programmed directly into the Continuity Control Plan structure. A master override on the customers order record can be flagged so that individuals can choose the number of weeks they prefer between shipments.

Standard logic dictates the number of releases between each shipment and the number of releases since the first shipment until products are released.

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Returns Logic

Returns Logic in the Continuity Control Plan can auto cancel at any point single or multiple returns are received. This can be customized by release sequence and by product level so that different criteria can be used on different promotions and at different times.

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Ship When Ready / Ship On Schedule

If a customer is in good credit standing, the product can be released prior to the standard shipping schedule in number of weeks. On schedule means that the products will not be released until the number of weeks between subsequent releases has been satisfied even if they are in a valid credit position.

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Negative Option Programs

ADC can handle complete negative option campaigns. From the release of main and alternate selections to the processing of options cards and customer service, ADC does it all.

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